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Leadership is practice, not theory

Volume upon volume has been published regarding leadership. We have read and understood countless theories about the art of leadership, and most agree that leaders are made, not born.

Considering these experiences, it is further understood that active leadership beliefs develops from both sides of arguments of whether leaders are made or born. Certainly, individuals are born with a certain level of intelligence and certain traits inherited from their parents. Those of higher intelligence may often show attributes associated with high IQ and charisma which are necessary to influence people to perform in the way they want.

Arguably, the characteristics of a leader assumed to be born great can be also linked to her or his development, meaning the leader was made too. For instance, the improvement of our complex nervous systems and patterns that control the larger portion of our behavior can be associated to our responses to the changes in our environment over the years. This means a leader can be great due to his or her previous experiences.

Therefore, it is certain that normal attempts to develop leadership attributes can be used to improve the leadership qualities of anybody that is interested in getting better as a leader. In addition, we see over and over again that leaders get better through the awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, discipline is necessary to develop leadership qualities especially the aspect of self-awareness translating into improved leadership capability for survival in different situations. One special ideology that has been noted over time, it explains that being exceptional with a specific skill or knowledge to the extent of being a genius, does not assure that the skillful person will be capable of leading a group of people in the same field of specialization.

Consistent practice of leadership becomes a necessity as an important tool for developing the characteristics of leadership which are either acquired or gifted. In reality, leadership deals with practicability of the attributes of the leader. Low morale, lack of efficiency and functionality of workers or followers are the results of not being able to practice the necessary acquired of gifted leadership qualities.

The standard for a great leader is his or her ability to be proficiently functional to implement authority, while making sure that he or she has full capacity to explore and improve different leadership ideas that works for their organization.

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